Organizational profile

Institutional Comments:

Runhouse Design is the first design organization to take“Strive for Our Future”as its value concept,and is a sustainable open entrepreneurial platform.
Runhouse Design is the first design organization to take“Energy Design Expert”as its goal, and is a collective of environmental technical corporations.
Runhouse Design is the first design organization to take“Design & Operation Expert”as its mission, and is a smart ecological design force without boundary.
Runhouse Design is a network organization to create Chinese urban and rural sustainable development-founder of “Low-carbon China”.

RHS has been initially founded since 1997 and managed several professional design institutes as subsidiaries, including Chongqing Renhao Urban Planning Design Co., Ltd, Chongqing Bonin Tourism Planning & Design Co., Ltd, Chongqing Dade Architectural Design Co., Ltd, Chongqing RHS Yuande Architecture Conservation Co., Ltd, Chongqing Roge Landscape Architecture Design Co.,Ltd, Chongqing RHS Nuo Yide Urban Design Co., Ltd, etc. Our strength specialized in providing services such as planning on urban and rural areas, landscape architecture, architecture, urban design, tourism scheme and planning, cultural relics and historic buildings conservation, engineering consultancy and relevant design sectors.

RHS is strong in integrated design with about one hundred professional designers including several doctors and masters. It has advanced technology software and equipment, first-class office environment covering an area of more than two thousand square meters.

RHS is a fast growing design agency, adhering to the business philosophy of "Imagination for Life", upholding the enterprise spirit of "benevolence is virtue, noble spirit is healthy atmosphere" , and adhering to the value of "Joint Efforts for Enterprise Incubator" . Our design works have won two national awards and dozens of provincial level awards successively. In the same time, RHS actively introduces new ideas of foreign design, dedicates to researching and developing in professional fields, and at China Architecture & Building Press's invite, successfully translated such design classics as " Architecture Art Parallels Connections", " Lofts Restructuring and Renewal", and World Architecture Collection of outstanding works, like " MURPHY/JAHN", "COX Architects " which are widely praised by all walks of life.

Based on the leading power of green technology,RHS constantly strengthens the integration and professionality of engineering design,adheres to the development path of industrial diversification,specialization and branding,and moves towards the ambitious goal of being the greatest operational institute of urban and rural ecological construction in China.

Qualification of the company:

Class A Qualification of Urban-rural Planning (Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development of the PRC)
Class B Qualification of Landscape Engineer Design(Chongqing Urban-rural Construction Committee)
Class B Qualification of Construction Engineer Design(Chongqing Urban-rural Construction Committee)
Class B Qualification of Tourism Planning and Design(National Tourism Administration of the PRC)
Class B Qualification of Heritage Conservation Survey and Design(State Administration of Cultural Heritage)
Class A Qualification of Landscape Planning and Design in Chongqing (Chongqing Landscape Academy)