Energy salon

Eco-salon news(the 73rd issue)


On 14th, June, 2012, RHS initiated eco-salon in meeting room of 10th floor. Zhao jinxiang from comprehensive enterprising division 2 shared the themed seminar that is called exploring city --serials two—— analysis for showcases of urban regeneration in the process of urban transforming.  According to recommending a range of showcases like four modules of urban regeneration , development of Liu benmu new city, Japan, renovation for Yu street that originally founded in Nan Song dynasty, as well as planning design for musical park in Chengdu city and renovation for Beijing 798 artistic area, every one fell vibrant from excellent urban design cases and find multiple potential chances hided in the urban regeneration. During salon time, everyone actively make speeches and comments for the urban regeneration and promise that they will continually improve planning level by learning broadly and exploring hard so as to become a planning designer who can create artistic funnies.