Energy salon

Eco-salon news(the 70th issue)



          On 11st, MAY, 2012, Doctor Yuli, director of international planning research center in university Cardiff, visits RHS and holds salon called ascritical analysis towards Chinese eco-towns, and international eco-city’s development

His presentation is based on the theme of integral construction for eco-city and natural environmental coordination, analyzed individual cases carefully by combining famous cases’ exemplars and characters worldwide. According to horizontal comparison, all staff are aware of the latest status of national eco-town’s construction, practical issues, bottlenecks, as well as misunderstanding in design mechanism. Furthermore, he emphasized that our national experts are supposed to work harder in order to change our backward status in ecological technical development and implementation .


Everyone thinks that they eventually gain abundant experiences from this event, on the other hand, Mr Yu’s advanced thoughts and views brought from the UK not only expand all our staff’s knowledge, but also become a very precious fortune to us.