Energy salon

Salon for learning BIM (the 65th phase)

     On 2nd, March, for improving all designer’s adapting ability to latest architectural market, RHS initiate a salon event and its topic is involved in BIM technology.
     RHS supervisor of BIM technology, Xiangfei, introduce BIM carefully to everyone.
According to digital information, BIM simulated the real information what buildings needed, setting the building model based on all related information data relevant to construction projects. Therefore, five characters----visuality, coordination, imitativeness, optimization, and printing -----generally empowered absolute strength to BIM.

    Therefore, is BIM same to CAF? Or is it just a design drawing software or drawing tool? This is a question that everyone wondered initially. After his clarification, we all know about until now, many countries have already gained a concrete and reasonable BIM standard or regulation. Will BIM develop very well as it developing in many developed nations? It should be depends on if it could combine with our local architectural marketing very well. Once BIM could suits the needs of domestic architectural markets, it will cause great revolutions to our architectural industry.

    To all stakeholders in engineering, mitigating mistakes must result in very crucial impact to cost-efficiency. Besides, reducing the period of construction are able to be beneficial to reducing engineering costs. In fact, this BIM is more like a crystal ball to all developers, clients. The output, saving cost, saving time plus high quality, would be delivered to them.