Energy salon

The 54th and 59th Eco-salon---china internet conference,2011

There are five highlights from Chinese internet conference, 2011
Highlight 1: Four leaders in Chinese internet sector exchanged their own thoughts.
Highlight 2: Special scheme is the bright spot, a good deal of medias reported with a large scale.
Highlight 3: Initiate the latest products, concentrate on industrial focus
Highlight 4: planning on how to build mobile internet, operators will not be peripherization.
Highlight 5: Cloud Computing will be facing four great challenges and opportunities.

Since recent decade Chinese internet conference growing up with the development of industry, the scale of this meeting transcend all past conferences because all supports from various social sectors. Also this is a real epitome of our growing up internet industry. Now Chinese internet is in a very important period and it have to face revolution. As the top level pageant in Chinese internet sector, the conference is looking forward to witness a more wonderful tomorrow with all stakeholders together.