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The 47th Eco-salon ——Red journey

    This time, the eco-salon shared both the definition of red journey and RHS party branch’s tour in Yanan city on June.

   Firstly, red tourism means since 1921( foundation of Chinese communist party), all attractive spots have been set in memory of revolutionary memorials, revolutionary spirit inherited by them, all tourism activities organized in order to lead tourists to visit, study revolutionary spirit, receive traditional education and inspire spirit, relaxation.

   Red tourism is a combination of red cultural landscape and green natural landscape, integrating traditional education and tourism industry into a whole new themed tourism type,  which included some traits like study, narration and involvement.

   Since 2004, all spots within country has already received 1.35 billion person-time.   Till 2010, red tourism’s direct share of employment persons are 912,000 and indirect one are 3,711,000. During latest 6 years, there are 123 classic spots for red tourism that have been under crucial construction by state, 85 expanded red tourism lines.      As expectation, visitors of National red tourism sector will be more than 800 million person-times, which will be causing 500,000 direct employment persons and 2,000,000 indirect one.