Energy salon

The 74th eco-salon ,Popularizing and implementation conference,《design code for sub-base》GB50007-2011

        On 18th,June, 2012, some engineers in Darde architects practice go to attend a Popularizing and implementation conference involved the national level standard《design code for sub-base》GB50007-2011. Some experts that included Lu Xin, Teng Yanjing, Gong Jianfei and Wang shuguang who previously compiled this code. Moreover, some design units also participate in this event, such as Chongqing  survey design association.

        In this meeting, professionals and academics explained new standard comparable to old one, especially highlighted some outstanding points and systematic knowledge within this code.

       On 22nd, 2012, June, executives of Darde architects practice hold a salon conference to study this new code, so as to promote the implementation and popularizing throughout whole unit. During meeting, people discuss this new code and compare it to old one, analyze different contents. Proving technological assurance for future design work enhances all designers’ capacity in knowledge.