Energy salon

The 75th phase eco-salon---application of CFD in regional micro-climate

    On 5th, July, 2012, Xiongxiong, belonged with Ecological enterprising division, being a lecturer to deliver a salon presentation with the theme application of CFD on analysis of regional micro-climate.

    This salon is for researching how the ENVI-met(design tool) applied in some sectors like urban climatic academy, built-up environment or environmental planning. He concretely analyzes by explaining how this software used in showcase-project of Dingjia urban design, introduce and show the analyzed result from CFD software in regional micro-climate. In fact, this tool providing very sound technical support for architecture.

    Both all staff on ecological division and some coworker from architectural department participate in this particular salon. After the formal lecture, each staff positively asking questions and discussing around practical application of this software.