Energy salon

The 45th eco-salon—application of one way transport in alleviating traffic jam

      For current condition on Chongqing one way transport sector, this salon trainer from planning division brings knowledge of one way transport to us.

     One way transport, or one-way transit, one-way street, one-way line, one-way road,  all these mean vehicles are just allowed to drive through some particular direction. In urban road system, if organizing multi roads to implement one-way traffic to form a system connect each other, we call it as one-way transport system of road. In fact, this phenomenon generated from a particular background—national economy developing fast, urban population increasing continuously, holding rate of motor vehicles keep raising, outstanding problem of traffic jam becoming seriously day by day and development speed of urban road fall behind with development of auto production.    

     Trainer analyzes the strength and weakness with macro-analysis methodology on one-way transport, also analyzes them from realistic status. Eventually find solutions, merits and flaws. Everyone involves in this session benefits from it.