Energy salon

Eco-Salon (The 33rd phase)

In order to know about thinking status of staff and improve management means. At the afternoon of 25th, November, development division organize a salon meeting called “Impression of RHS”

This salon hosted by deputy general manger, also invite new staff to attend it. The whole salon has a very good hemisphere, people deliver their own impressions to RHS with their ideas. People generally think that RHS really provide a very sound circumstance in the process of growth of staff where people could learn how to manage and compete. Furthermore, they express their own felling from work, and offer some constructive, ideas and suggestions on how to develop RHS organization.

After this meeting, all staff fell that this salon meeting offer a platform where people could exchange their ideas and concepts. People talk to each other and express everyone’s ideas. In the future, they will continue to exert their own expertise and skills, so as to build the incubator by joint efforts.