Energy salon

28th issue, Eco-salon—— professor Yuan shuiyu visit RHS

On 21st, September, 2010, prestigious professor in Chongqing university,  Yuan shuiyu, visits RHS organization and issues a particular session which is about the latest progressive status on ecological planning design, some managers in RHS also be involve in this event. Yuan hosted and attended a good deal of national level research projects and engineering planning design, nowadays he is focusing on event of” eco-elements and integrative planning design on urban development”, and doing some research jobs on sectors of eco-planning and design, based researching jobs on township infrastructure on how to integrate planning scheme into measurement of resisting and avoiding disasters such as mud-rock flow, flood,  which have influential meaning and spread to some cities like Chengdu, Guangzhou.

The theme of this salon is : “ the process report of biodiversity security and urban planning, landscape design.” Professor Yuan primarily introduce a series of  relationship between natural landscape and ecological area,  landscape between ecodiversity, human being and diversity of ecosystem, and then, clarify the necessity of why we should secure biodiversity via three levels---gene, species, ecosystem. Finally, he combines the protection of biodiversity to transfer how to consider the ecological elements in the process of urban planning and landscape design. At the end , by recommending some practical design cases in domestic countries such as Chongqing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Wuxi, even in other countries  he show that the future design direction and trend, and the ongoing work on urban ecological design. Besides, he show the design case of  marshland park, Shengzhe lake, Shuzhou city very carefully, eventually.

After this salon event, Yuan continue to communicate with everyone with aspirations, and solve some hared issues which mostly is from the design process that designers generally meet.

Organizational designers have a more comprehensive knowhow on process of domestic, international urban planning design, further understanding on eco-design theory. They hope to integrate these necessary factors into design of landscape and urban, moreover, a solid foundation for ecological design is built and it makes a big step toward our aim—eco-designer.