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The 26th ecological salon newsletter

Share experiences with oversea organizations  ——OPC, working analysis on conceptual planning project

On 6th, September, 2010, RHS creates the workshop (OPC, conceptual planning workshop) in partnership with Bioregional, UK. Till now, all staff strives so hard to complete all works at this stage. For implementing the work in next step better, efficiently, on 18th, November, 2010, RHS issues the 32nd ecological salon, Share experiences with oversea organizations OPC, working analysis on conceptual planning project,  on the leading of vice-general manager, Shuchang, all workshop members and some RHS staff who is interested in this workshop attend it willingly and actively discuss it.

On the initial stage of salon, all attendants review this working process, contents, fruits resulted from the working process between RHS and Bioregional, UK via a speech. And then, all participants deliver a conclusions based on their own working responsibilities. They all conclude some aspects below: 1. volunteering participation and discussion in the process of workshop is very sound so potential innovative ability in staff mind have been inspired. 2. people’s attention turn to the concerns relevant to wild life and their living circumstance. 3、the open-mind concept in oversea designer’s mind is worthy of our attention. 4、social diversity  causes concept conflict which needs to be fixed in long-term working period. 5. Each other’s working pattern need to be adjusted. 6、in order to initiate work better, understand each other, enhancing communication in daily work and life is very necessary.

 Depending on invaluable discussion in this salon, everyone gives a very high comment for cooperative model and thinks that organization should grab and study advanced international working module and use it. At the same time, we need to analyze troubles on time and use appropriate international advanced design theory and means with the attitude of reasonable attitude, the model that could be promoted and popularized eventually must possess both RHS design theory and domestic character combined with our basic national status.

This salon is firstly to provide a platform where you could discussed with oversea companies, conclude working experiences resulted from the cooperative process with international company, in such a case, a very solid foundation could be formed, and global step of RHS could be put forward more quickly.