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Newsletter, Ecological park---exploring city( the 24th eco-salon)

Theme of this salon issue is “reading city----ecological park”, hoster share the feeling and experiences from his journey in shanghai on the basis of inspected contents in plant park, shanghai Chengshan. Moreover, he makes a very simple clarification to planning concept, green philosophy, eco-design, etc.,  and then,  deliver a very elaborated explanation to plant parks involved in their landscape, character, design highlights, clear thoughts plus exact expressions, image, presentations bring the first hand information and experience to all audiences.

Shanghai Chenshan plant park was jointly founded by Chinese Academy of Sciences      and shanghai municipal government, State Bureau of Forestry. There were eight design institutes from U.K., Netherland, German, Japan, Beijing, shanghai and Shenzhen, as well as eleven experts from domestic and international academic sectors involving this design scheme, final decision is fixed after two rounds of scheme competition and getting the approval of experts. This plant park will serve for ecological construction on Shanghai city, also the ecological benefits will be emerging in the future. Via study to this kind of excellent cases all staff could benefit from them and improve their professional skills, qualities, especially gaining advanced experiences, theories and technologies.