Energy salon

The 19th issue, Newsletter, Ecological salon

On 15th, July, salon event is initiated by three key technical staff who were luck to go to Qin huang island participating in CSUS (中国城市科学研究会)share the essential contents of this meeting, as well as some comments and feelings.

 The members who attended CSUS make a explanation on how to realize the distributed systemic elimination to life sewage on new communities, some researching cases for water environment’s technological system. Especially they make a brief introduction to everyone with the holding status of CSUS, participants, meeting theme, and so on, furthermore, share and exchange some outlooks, knowledge on sectors of ecology, low-carbon, and recommend some themed contents which is offered by some impressive professors, experts in that special conference.

According to this salon everyone have chances to share, witness the wonderful status of CSUS and get some inspirations.