Honors and prize

Second prize, excellent urban design, municipal level,2010

Project title: Master planning, Gaofeng town, Dianjiang coutny

Compilation time:2009

Project scale: total area: 41 square kilometers

Awarded status: Second prize, excellent urban design, municipal level,2010

Project profile and design feature:

1、division of labour for functional sectons    and development location
By completely understanding the development path and location  from competitive resources of Gaofeng town, analyzing the functions responsible to Gaofeng town, researching Gaofeng town’s comprehensive influence to Dianjiang county and radiated motivation for development in urban and rural regions, so as to determine the rational, scientific location in this specific region.

2、Scale and town’s spatial layout
By the analysis report for environmental volume of Gaofeng town, developing status integrated latest town’s developing status with industrial development, we reasonably forecast this town’s development scale from a very scientific aspect that based on the massive background of urbanization in Dianjiang town. The optimum restructuring for spatial factors will cause a rational spatial economy layout in Gaofeng town, as well as plan a harmonious development between regional functional areas.

3、forming characteristics on urban and rural areas

Based on relatively special layout of natural mountain and water in Gaofeng town, we formed a typical town which is full of characteristics of northeast Chongqing, and create a town space that has very geographic factor, together enhancing its identity.

4、 protection for ecological environment

Highlight the details of protecting environment in planning phase, as well as Prioritize some contents such as establishment and preservation for ecological environment, efficient utilization to resources.