Honors and prize

Third prize, municipal excellent urban planning design, 2010

Project title: Master planning scheme and Conceptual urban design, Zhongxian Duzhu group.

Compilation time:2010

Project scale: overall floor area: 500 hectares

Awarded status: Third prize, municipal excellent urban planning design, 2010

project description and design characteristics:

      Viewing the principle of integrating and utilizing the resources of Pinghu peninsula rationally as first priority and setting ecological research for landscape along the line of Yangtze river reservoirs》as guideline, all designers adopted anti-planning mechanism, considered the double-feature between urban land and resort area land,  as well as integrated base’s inside mountainous landscape forming green belt bond, constructing “eco-city”. Based on the guidance of scheme, we enhance the research level in both tourism sector and crucial project’s spatial layout, so as to create a very dynamic “tourism city”. Standing form integrated development strategy of Twin Cities to form “modern city” responded to Huanghua city that built in song dynasty.