Honors and prize

Third prize, municipal excellent urban planning, 2010

Third prize, municipal excellent urban planning, 2010

Project title: Master scheme and conceptual planning, Niujie ancient town

Compilation time:2010

Project scale: overall floor area: 2 square kilometers

Awarded status: Third prize, municipal excellent urban planning, 2010

Project description and design features:

    This planning obeyed the guideline----“master planning, focusing on planning, creating brilliant points, implementing step by step”, and carried out planning theory-“inheriting regional culture, invigorating journal economy, experiencing multi-culture, restoring local culture”.
    On the basis of setting the idea---- “Arranging historic fractions, Supplementing functional flaws, Improving landscape restoration” ----as breakthrough, confirming the concept---- “courier route for thousand years, Niujie street for centuries”----as image location, we restructure the brand new “Ten land sceneries in Niujie street” according to particular project arrangement.
    All design schemes initiated traditional culture as bedrock, post road’s culture as brilliant point, life style of Niujie street as selling point, and then fostered a brand--- “culture of post road in Wei and Jin dynasty.” and “silk road in southern china.”  depending on white water and river scenery, ancient routes and corridor bridges, ecological agriculture, and so on,  we organically combined the special atmosphere---moving and stable conditions from ancient period to nowadays—to transform Niujie street into a thousand years’ particular ancient town which included a range of functions such as cultural experiences, traveling and sightseeing, leisure and holidays.