Honors and prize

Second prize, municipal category of urban environment and landscape planning, 2009

Project title: Scheme design for improving the black canyon, scenic spot, Wansheng district.

Compilation time: 2009

Project scale: entire length is nearly 6 kilometers, southern region, black canyon( tourism spot)

Awarded status: Second prize, municipal category of  urban environment and landscape planning, 2009

Project description and design characteristics:

Regeneration for scenery is some mechanisms to improve this tourism spot. Based on existing landscape facilities we did reasonable improvements and supplements. Implementing strictly on design principle “Better not involve in and mountains and soils, reducing the artificial landscape as much as possible” .The point is to improve quality of this spot and human comfort level.

By gaining inspiration from Yaliang ethnic culture and local bamboo culture, setting legend about water and hills as theme, as well as following the landscape and flexible natural mountainous circumstance, we essentially integrated various activities, adopted multiple design methods, and form dimensional landscape. However, this whole view provided tourists with a wonderful mountainous cultural experiences which is “walking through mountains and water, visiting through stories”. According to master concept we designed a mainline through many impressive legends or fairytales in order to integrate both the project and landscape design together so as to highlight legend about water and mountain.