Honors and prize

Third prize, municipal excellent planning design on urban and rural areas, village category,2009.

Project title: village planning, Pingyi village, Qingyang town, Fulin district, Chongqing city.

Compilation time: 2008

Project scale: village area is 12.08 km2

Awarded status: Third prize, municipal excellent planning design on urban and rural areas, village category,2009.

Project description:

Pingyi village Sited in the west of qingyang town. There is 15 kilometers distance driving from this village to town government. This village bonded to Yinglong village and connected Gongnong village from its northern direction. Village’s eastern and southern path is adjacent to Dongda village and longtan Xinyi village respectively, and the western part of this village is next to Xingyuan village. Pingyi village happen to locate in a transitioned section where is in the Pingshang perimeter and zhixiao slopping corner, as well as belong with Wulin ridge that ranked as deep- mound terrain and contained crossed ditch and mountain ranges. As a typical southwest village in Hulin district Pingyi’s economic pillar industry is focused on producing foodstuff and planting vegetables.

   planning concept:

 In accordance with implementing policy of “produce developed, life improved, village circumstance cleaned, custom civilized, management democratized”, following the“133” overall idea for developing Qingshan town, focusing on “1443” development goal, restructuring and optimizing industry and obeying the principal---- three construction projects, four renovated objects, five aspects that need to be improved, ultimate ambition for this village is to enhance special planting industry, develop the rural ecological tourism, nursing commerce and rural tourism service sector, especially transform Pingyi village into a central village that combined both particular planting industry and village’s eco-tourism as its main pillar industry.

    innovation and characteristics:
 Focusing on the core of eco-protection and plan of developing rural regions, and rationally restructuring the new strategy concentrated in primary, tertiary industries and analyzing current resources arrangement to confirm village’s industrial layout by realities, and promote the goal of “life improved” depended on planting and eco-tourism sectors. In addition, create renovated points to typical houses in rural regions and control surrounded landscape for new and existed houses for achieving the aim of village circumstance cleaned. In future, For popularizing two goals of custom civilized, management democratized local government still needs to issue related planning relevant to economic cooperative organizations and how to train industrial peasants.