Honors and prize

Third prize, municipal excellent planning design in urban-rural areas, urban design category,2008—urban design, G standard subarea, Yongchuan district.

Project title:  urban design, G standard subarea, Yongchuan district.

commissioned unit: Chongqing urban planning bureau

compilation time: 2008

Building scale: floor area 293 ha

Award-wining status: primary prize, international competition

Third prize,, municipal excellent planning design in urban- rural areas, urban design category

Project description and design trait:

Based on ecological foundation of natural format of river and mountain in planning regions, to establish green corridors to link green patch;  to form green grid fabric and green eco-residential community with high quality; To foster commercial service center, integrate urban public space, create a clear urban intention and vibrant communities;On the basis of foundation of cultural elements in Yongchuan district represented by tea and bamboo, integrating brilliant waterfront space to create a characteristic street where is full of ethnic culture    generated originally from local tea and bamboo in order to inherited regional context.