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Work Summary and Annual Ceremony, 2012, Comprehensive Design Division 2

     On 14th, January, 2013, comprehensive design division 2 held the activity —Work Summary and Annual Ceremony—which organized by line manager, Xie Haiming. Other guests also included: Planning technical supervisor—Mr Liao; Development division Supervisor—Miss Shu; Manager of supervision and inspection division—Zhongwei. 
     All event is separated into two parts—Work Summary and Annual Activity. People are easy to find the shortages and achievements from the annual report which created by Mr xie. 
     While submitting the division’s development orientation and goal in 2013, people also understand the gap between overall planning and real achievements. Moreover, all staff confirmed the confidence to realize new breakthrough, live and work in happy mood. According to the speech of Miss Shu, the right lead of divisional manager and excellent performance in 2012 all be reconfirmed, also wish of achieving more progress in 2013 is shining ahead.