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Popularizing Conference for Implementation, External Thermal System—Thick Plastering External Wall of Composite Phenolic Foam Board

       On 15th, January, 2013, the training and technical implementation conference is successfully held under the organization of Chongqing Municipal Building Energy efficient Association, RHS reps joint in this significant event.
      The event keynote is focusing on introducing applying status in each province, exchanging technology for municipal development prospect, as well as transforming the trend of utilization of building thermal material into materialization, industrialization and production. For this reason, we need to make a strict technical standard for the application of External Thermal System (Thick Plastering External wall of Composite Phenolic Foam Board), so as to ensure the high quality of engineering project and safety.
      Eventually, the conference will lead to a significant impact and benefits to architects group. More outputs will be delivered to all staff by internal salon activities.