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RHS Reps Attended Urban Strategy Seminar

     On 2013 April 13th, 2013, RHS Reps come to seminar—“Urban Strategy”—organized by Chongqing Urban Planning Bureau. Michel Trocme, Professor of University of Toronto, chaired this presentation and show one case relevant to development of waterfront area in Singapore in front of everyone, moreover analyzed current status on urban planning, regeneration and waterfront planning sectors in order to deliver Urban Strategies Inc.’s precious worldwide experience to planners on Chongqing planning sector. 

    Firstly, Professor Trocme introduced the public residential projects that located in Singapore, in his opinion, he confirmed the construction of physical environment but criticize the ignorance of establishment of soft environment, such affordability and community establishment. His improved proposals included: mixed-use land, priority of pedestrian rather than vehicles, multi-solution on building typology instead of single one.

    Too extensive urban tissue among Singapore city cluster compared to more vibrant one among Chongqing’s original downtowns.

   In the next, professor introduced on how to combine the planning of fundamental facilities with sustainable urban development. For this point, Singapore really played a role model, which gathered all stakeholders (Municipal authority, transportation and community) together to discuss in order to remove all potential conflicts under project discussion. In waterfront development case, designers from Urban Strategy propose to arrange more detailed urban issues and practice initially from street featuring small- scale, then construct spaces have more elements of humanity. In respect of transportation, integrated urban road network could be the best solution causes it is able to consider the integration of metro, bus and slow system, and surrounded environment. Finally waterfront area could be formed into a livable green city.

   Eventually, there is an interactive exchange based on planning experience initiated between this professor and participants.