Latest status

Successfully win the bid—Conceptual Planning Design of Rongshi Tea Village in Shuangjian County, Lincang City.

      Recently, Shuangjiang zhenkun Tea Co., Ltd, located in Yunnan Province, organized competence for collecting planning activities, as a result, a number of planning units and institutes come to join in this bid and most of them are from Kunming and Chongqing City.
       After being through several fierce rounds of competition, RHS eco-design department’s masterpiece, Conceptual Planning design of Rongshi Tea village in Shuangjian County, Lincang City,  finally win depend on its innovative concept, rational functional layout and elegant space typology.
      Judge consists of Experts have consensus, this planning endowed with clear mind and correct innovation, especially seamless link with nearby functions and transportation. up till now, project team is in active communication with relevant departments for the work on next stage.