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UPLA Reps Attended Worldwide Exhibition—Building Energy-Efficiency﹠Environmental Preservation

     During 1st and 3rd, April, 2013, the second session of Eco-build China,    held in shanghai city. Lucky for RHS, UPLA reps are invited to participate in this significant event and it brings all practitioners a wonderful conference,   which combined advanced technology and latest marketing information. 
    In 2012, this particular themed activity, imported into china at first time and by UBM Built Environment, which subordinated to world business tycoon on media transmission sector—UBM plc. In. A good deal of knowhow have been added into this event, including hotel architectural, construction, decoration, equipment, food and drinks.
    This exhibition covered the following hot spots:
•During the nine years’ history of corporate foundation, Eco-build China attracted millions of audiences and practitioners.
•Ecobuild London is the largest industrial summit around the world which focused on sustainable building architecture, engineering and construction.
•As the first show in china, ecobuild China, played an transnational commercial platform in all–around way, which showcased both the most cutting-edge technology and creative technology on green building sector, therefore formed an excellent information—exchanging platform.
•total value of out-put of ecobuild China in 2011 amounted to as much as 11,7734 billion Yuan, has a great potential to beat USA ranking the biggest building market worldwide.
•With the growing number of input from central government to building energy-efficient sector, the development scale of building energy-efficiency and environmentally-ecological projects has been expanding. China needs to establish a suit of green-building standard and standard evaluation system that should suit the local condition and based on our climate zone, ecological environment as well as economic development level. Moreover, integrated design and construction towards new-built buildings will be the evolvement path of eco-build.