Latest status

Shape Industrial Chain and Design Trademark-----RHS Transition

   Nowadays RHS organized conference concentrated on corporate transition, and  invited participants including supervisor, line managers and party representative.
    On the basis of current RHS operational scope: planning on both urban and rural areas, landscape, architecture, urban design, tourism planning and engineering consultancy. RHS core team has a strength on technical experts, but still lack of experts team on management and operation. For further capital growth RHS need to develop a brand-new industry chain which integrated manufacturing, marketing, research, operation and service together.
    Respecting law of development, RHS will comply with historical evolvement trend, integrate social resources and form industrial chain and advanced design brand,  finally edged into mainstream of development.
    In recent RHS will develop these works relevant to three aspects: extension of Planning design in an all-around way. Low-carbon mall apply national fund and rank pilot project. Initiate establishment of joint efforts for incubator. Finally improve RHS industry transition step by step.