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RHS Delegation, Joined in SINO-UK Sustainable Cooperative Forum on Urban Development

      On March 18th 2013, Sino-UK Sustainable cooperative forum on urban development, successfully held in Chongqing city and RHS come to join in this forum with the invitation of Consulate General of the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Chongqing, as well as United Kingdom Trade Investment. Institutional delegation, delegation representing British sustainable urban development and Chongqing local enterprises and organizational staff, actively engaged in discussion.

      Mr Lishai and Mrs Zhangqin , both of whom proposal on opening ceremony,   represented two units—Consulate General of the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Chongqing, and Chongqing Construction Committee on urban and rural areas.

      Conference consists of two parts, firstly Chinese part carefully introduced background of constructive operational status relevant to sustainable urban development. After that British parts presented varied contents which included, green and energy efficient buildings, urban planning and construction, sewage and trash treatment, land development, air quality and pollution management, especially some subjects involved in sustainability and renewable energy.

     In the end, active discussion relevant to sustainable urban development and relevant sectors is initiated for enhancing the understanding level between Chongqing and Britain; provide bedrock to start wide coordination.