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Development and Progress, Objectives at Different Stages, Entrepreneurial Value—Comments of RHS Annual Meeting

 2012 RHS Annual meeting and award ceremony launched grandly on 31st January in buffet restaurant.
The coming year endowed with objectives and hopes. Intelligent, diligent RHS staff gathered together to conclude last year’s achievements and make a futuristic plan.
First of all, RHS HR manager Shuchang address annual report which included working progress, project data, status of human resources, and moreover make comments in the light of demerits and merits throughout our development.
And then, all general mangers,  they are from each subsidiary and enterprise department, also did individual work reports, which contents is a range of comments from cross-disciplinary team, such as  Dade architects, Bonin Tourism planning, eco-design division and historical culture buildings.
In the end, organizational general manager Liujun proposed for new year and deliver a keynote speech, especially stressed “three perseverance”: market-oriented principle, technique-oriented and party-leading principle. Putting market as guidance is the most important development security for ensuring RHS sustainability, and powerful and effective guarantee generated from talents reserves, market expansion and resource utilization.
With the melody of praising motherland, meeting closed in harmony and active atmosphere. there is a beautiful future ahead of us. So depend on creative spirit, brave courage and vigorous vitality, we will composite a more brilliant chapter soon.