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Dade Architects Pay a Visit in Shuijiang Construction Site

On the guidance of Panlei, project manager, profession team, which constitutes architecture, building structure and machinery, come to visit design achievements on Shuijiang County that have delivered in past few years.

This particular tour started from part works of stage 2 and 3 low-cost housing project. All coworkers are very exited by their own outputs on site. And then they are organized to visit convention center and governmental administrative building, according to visit centered on each functional unit all practitioners at different professional sector really benefits from this activity. In fact people could concluded precious and useful proposals based on careful analysis towards different specialty and deliver them to construction team as reference to initiate renovation. One-day tour ended up after visiting projects of Nanan primary school and affordable projects.

Activity of visiting in Yunnan province attached great importance to improvement of designers’ comprehensive quality, also showed determination on engineering quality and business integrity to clients.

In conclusion, this tour on site will lead to active promotion on coordination between all professions, as well as enhance the outputs quality.