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Professional Training—Technical Standard of Building Smoke Control System

On February 28th 2013, Dade professional practitioner attended lecture report —technical standard of building smoke control system—which lectured by senior engineer Zhouqiang (Managing Director of Chongqing Cooling System Association,  Deputy chief engineer of Chongqing Architectural Design Institute).
Lecture report clarified the background and keynote of “technical standard of building smoke control system”, as well as revision objectives and relevant contents.
Standard completion is targeting at regulating the flow of smoke generating from fire disasters in buildings, facilitating personal evacuation and Fire rescue and securing the social and public safety. In addition, major contents added into code involved in terms and symbol, even natural smoke-free design, mechanical smoke-free design, the natural ventilation design, mechanical smoke-release design.
This training study enhanced designers’ capacity on new latest code and its acceptability, so as to facilitate bedrock for better design quality.