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RHS Dedicated to Development of Guian New Area with Overseas Designers

    By the commission of Guizhou construction bureau, RHS invited a joint consultant team constitute foreign designers to deliver wonderful presentation in Guizhou University, and hold a discussion with senior governmental officials for facilitating the development and planning on Guian New Area on April 15th 2013, official attendances included Zhangpeng( Director of Guizhou Construction Bureau), Chen Weiming ( Deputy director of Guizhou Construction Bureau) and Wang Chunlei ( Deputy Director of Administrative Committee).
    Guian New Area set between Guiyang and Anshun, Following the overall frame, which is completely closed and governed by relevant organizations from both provincial and local authority.
    As for planning proposal, RHS designers and foreign experts both come down to a consensus finally—Combination of sustainability and regional current status, similarly, all leaders at different sections also  give a confirmation about our precious proposal. 
    According to reliable information source,  Guian New Zone will be transformed into a economic demonstration inland, moreover, and a opening-up highland on specialized in providing functions such as,  base of equipment manufacturing ,  crucial resources intensive-processing base,  especially regionaltrade and commerce center and creative high-tech mega. 

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