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First NGO on Chongqing Civil Creative Sector—Dade Architectural Practice Awarded as Chaired Unit of Creative Industry Association in Sha Pingba District

     Chongqing Sha Pingba Creative Association, Chongqing’s first creative industry NGO, officially founded and Dade Architectural Practice selected as Chaired unit on April 23rd.
     Sha Pingba Creative Association Unit served as non-profit and local association; open to all institutions, scientific research organizations, academic colleges and personnel that volunteered to participate in creative industry; is a self-disciplined institute, bridge and linkage to connect all practitioners, and a particular platform providing researchers with services like incubator, information exchanging, as well as scientific project study.
     Dade staff involved in whole preparations for organizational foundation and have been through investigation and planning, finally Sha Pingba civil affairs bureau appointed Dade chaired unit qualification. 
     Inspector of Municipal Economic and Information Commission Zheng Qiutang supposed till now, there are three regional creative industry bases (Xiyong software zone, Huxi commune and ceramics street ) leaded on sectors of industry design, soft design and cultural innovation. Such associations are supposed to put regional creative industry forward through bridge function, service function and communication function. 
     Sha Pingba Deputy district chief Shao Zhiqing said, foundation of creative industry association would impose significance on promoting regional industry’s successful transition. the association will put its function into full operation, Proceeding from five aspects (construction of creative park, function of enterprise entity, form of economic platform, development of independent brand and crucial brand) to actively establish service platform and therefore improve financial service platform for creative industry, consultancy service center and information exchanging platform, so as to deliver helpful service with high quality.
      Responsibility will be centering on the following aspects: initially building information exchanging platform for promoting industrial creation; then, construct administration model for managing creative industry; the next stage is to confirm industrial standard to push forward on technical evolvement. Finally enhance association’s service capability by strengthening industrial system construction.
      Until now Sha Pingba Creative Association have already included 66 units which covered industry design, architecture, soft design, advertisement design and media transmission, fashion and handicrafts, and at the same time attracted 7 experts who come from traditional  crafts,  ethnic art,  folk innovation and industrial manufacturing sectors.  Apart from these, association will continue to set over 10 branches involved in industrial design, architecture, consultancy and planning, garments design , advertisement and fashion. 
       Foundation of association will cause a significant and constant impact to creative industry in Sha Pingba district. Based on playing roles of assistant, consultant, expert and scholar to government, Association will keep contributing and rejuvenating industrial development.