Architectural Design, Office Building, Rural Cooperative Bank, Zhaoyang District,

       This project stands on the stretch section of the Tuanjie road in Zhaoyang district, approaches closely to the Area committee, governmental administrative office center, moreover, the project site taken up the most prosperous commercial region within urban-traffic pathways. Thus, the geographical position is very excellent, transport is very convenient as well, the plain, rectangular plot causes a very good constructed conditions. Furthermore, we optimizing the potential within this project depending on analyzing the all surrounding environment, and then categorize, organize different areas and spaces according to distinctive functions, in such a case, to form any entrances or exits with different functions under the guideline of planning the roads, squares, greenbelts reasonably.  Among the overall layout, based on satisfying the needs of residents, we created a graceful, comfortable activity space by integrating the surrounding beautiful landscape. The “L” shape building was arranged in the east side of this plot site, reserved residential building for second phase is in the western side of this plot.