Architectural Design, New zone, Wulong Fairy Mountain, Chongqing City

    Wulong fairy mountain is one of the top ten excellent, characteristic tourist spots in Chongqing city, the terrain of Wulong fairy mountain belonged with Wu Lin cordillera, stand at the northern shore of Wu river on Chongqing Wulong county. A series of important road like Yupei expressway,   Peiwu senior highway run through the wulong town, whole course is 180 kilometers. On the other hand, the new founded Yuxiang expressway, which connects the lines between Jieshi in Nanan district, Nanchuan city, and wulong town,. Actually, starting from urban district , you just need to spend one and a half hours to get into wulong county.
     The plot for Fairy mountain square hotel is on the famous landscape tourist city----fairy mountain of Wulong town. Additionally, this plot is also at the center belt of completed facilities belonged to fairy mountain, leaning back against the fairy mountain, facing towards the largest center square on fairy mountain. As is well known, this square is definitely rare land sources. In fact, this square is very close to forest park on fairy mountain, Plot served not only as a necessary land  to connect the resort region and towndown, but also a reasonable area for developing business, hotel, greenery, landscape, etc. The expected planning to this area is to be transformed into a commercial, or resort hotel building.

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