Architectural Design of Zhaotong Museum, Yunnan Province

Date of design: 2008
Project scale: 13500m2

This museum is located in the northeast corner of the Culture Square, facing Zhuti Avenue with 100m backwards, and echoing with Broadcasting Television Center located itself in the west of the museum. Expected construction scale of the museum is 10,900 square meters, and the museum is used for displaying the abundant cultural relics and connections in Zhaotong City. A part of this museum is used for displaying history of the urban architectural development and another part is for temporary exhibition so as to facilitate artistic communication. Actually, the museum, a place displaying history, culture and all significant antique inherited from ancestors, also should exhibit the culture in modern society and wisdom of contemporary persons, only in this way, the history can be continued. Although design of the museum absorbs the essence of traditional architectural culture, it also should keep abreast with the developing trend of the society.
Thus, the innovative inspiration of the whole museum consists of three main lines: displaying classic history; symbolizing stabilization and solemnity; strengthening futuristic development and prospect. Concept of the design includes “Zhaotong Jade Seal”, “Wuchidao” and “Boat”.