Rebuilding Project of Liziba Historical Style Zone, Chongqing

Date of design: 2013

This project is close to Hongyan Village in the west, adjacent to Shangqingsi in the east, neighboring Fotuguan Park in the south and close to Jialing River in the north, and is located at the middle position of the Anti-Japanese War Historic Sites along Jialing River, Chongqing. This plot mainly takes “Great Communique” as its core, accompanied with International Research Institute and old residence of Flying Tigers etc buildings, with prominent historical value. It not only preserves Anti-Japanese War historical culture but also provides the educational place with patriotic theme for the areas around Liziba and the whole Chongqing. At the same time, it also provides indelible “Chongqing Memory” for the mountainous city.
During the design, we strived for merging this area into “Anti-Japanese War Historic Sites Passageway along Jialing River”, which will become one new bright pearl on the Anti-Japanese War Passageway and provides another best place for sightseeing citizens to recall historical culture of Chongqing.
During the design, we created creative cultural industrial block mainly including offices based on historical culture, which preserves history, inherits culture and exploited a new mode for improvement of urban image and rebuilding of the old city.