Conceptual design scheme of Fenghuang Mountain Chinese Anti-Japanese War Cultural Arts Park, Ciqikou, Shapingba District, Chongqing

Date of design: 2014
Project scale: about 80,000m2

The base is situated in the east side of Ciqikou Ancient Town and close to the Jialing River in the northwest, bounded with Laodong Road and Qingshui Stream to the west, and is adjacent to the spinning mill in the east. According to features of the project, we fully made use of Fenghuang Mountain Anti-Japanese War arts culture, Anti-Japanese War architectural culture and Bayu culture, and utilized cultural resources in Ciqikou and extracted cultural symbol in design of the project to meet the requirements for upgrading of Shaci cultural industrial belt and Ciqikou Ancient Town to create Anti-Japanese War Arts Park with cultural ethos.