House for Operation of Zhaoyang Rural Cooperative Bank, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province

Date of design: 2013
Project scale: 30,991.16m2

This project is located near the junction of Hailou Road and Tuanjie Road, Zhaoyang District, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province. Zhaoyang No.1 Middle School is located in the north of the base. Zhaolu Subzone is located in the west. Zhuanshi Garden of Hailou Mingzhu No.2 Phase is located in the east. The south side is close to Tuanjie Road and is across Zhaotong Municipal Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. The project area has prominent regional advantages and convenient traffic conditions, and is in line with the general planned layout of the city.

This project is a modern comprehensive office building integrated with finance and office. During the design, we took into account the particularity of financial buildings. We adopted new classic architectural style, clear color and simple bright color style combined with original ecological stone materials to pursue an elegant style and form unique charm to show quality of the project.

In addition, this project is “house for operation of Rural Cooperative Bank, Yunnan Province”. During the design, we fully made use of “rural area” element symbol and used famer’s enjoyment of Autumn Harvest and heavy golden rice ears as the basic element and refined it as main pattern of architectural relief to show its humanist feelings.