Yiliang County’s Administration Center, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province

This project is located in the new urban area in Jiaokui Town, Yiliang County, covering an area of 59,422m2. Guided by the highly integration of order and nature, the design synthesizes the impacts of landscape and philosophy, finally determines an urban format-one circle, two axis and three stages. Furthermore, all these layouts are able to form an architectural space which is center-gathered, open to out space and integrated into natural environment. Given the particular character in this project, the building pattern adopts a method which unites tradition and modernization together very well, and carefully using modern method injects those traditional elements into every individual part of the building. In terms of the implementation of imperceptibility part in this building, you could find that this specific, cautious solution has already resulted in a graceful texture beauty to everyone. The whole building complex is a combination of traditional charm and modern simplicity and solemnity.