Historical Architectural Conservation

Survey and Restoration Design of General Zeng’s Former Residence in Yima Village, Daxing Town, Yongshan County

Date of design: 2014
Project scale: 2140m2
Project grade: Provincial cultural relic projection unit

General Zeng Zesheng’s former residence was restored in the 1940s, and is an antique-style courtyard with excellent building level and beautiful style. It covers an area of 1200m2, with building area 2140m2, provided with earth wood structure, and faces the west and is a typical antique-style courtyard. The courtyard is located at center of a rice field, with the facilities including main hall, wing room, theater stage, fort, defensive tower, kitchen, mill house and livestock shed etc, with complete functions and magnificent style. Part of houses is removed and damaged due to long-term shortage of restoration. Its floor, column, corridor, handrail, doors and windows and steps etc are seriously damaged. In recent years, all-level leaders from the county and town have paid special attention to protection of the former residence. In 2010, the People’s Government of Yongshan County published it as county-level cultural relic protection unit. In 2012, Zhaotong Municipal People’s Government declared it as municipal cultural relic protection unit. During assessment of the project, it was fully confirmed by the experts and Party A.