Historical Architectural Conservation

Design of Cultural Relic Survey and Building Restoration of Original Chuankang Commercial Bank, Datong Street, Yuzhong District, Chongqing

Date of design: 2013
Project scale: building area 2603.3m2
Project grade: Nationwide key cultural relic protection unit

Old address of Chuankang Commercial Bank is situated at No.16 Datong Street, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, facing south and shifting eastward by 15°, and is a building with simulated Baroque brick-wood structure and steel concrete structure, including four floors overground and one floor underground with depth 35.63m and width 15.60m, and with total building area 2603.3m2 and covering a area of 555.8m2. In 2008, the State Council declared it as nationwide key cultural relic protection unit.

Chuankang Citizen Commercial Bank was established in Sep 1937 by merging Chuankang Realty Bank (established in 1929), Chongqing Citizen Bank (established in 1928) and Sichuan Commercial Bank (established in 1932), shortly called Chuankang Bank. Through several increases of capitals, its capital has reached 200 million Yuan, including Shanghai Branch and Chongqing Branch. During Anti-Japanese War, part of about more than 9000 boxes of national treasures from the Palace Museum were stored in the very firm warehouse on the second floor of Sichuan Citizen Commercial Bank. The main building is one mixed structural building with steel and brick mixed structure, which were rarely seen in the Republican Period. It is one representative work with typical eclecticism architectural style in Chongqing and is an important evidence of the financial industry during period of the provisional capital, with higher historical value, scientific value and architectural art value. The maintenance design and analysis report of cultural relic safety assessment worked out by Chuankang Commercial Bank were granted with the prize of “the best project of Chinese cultural relics”. Currently, floor 1 and part of negative floor 1 of this building are used by Chongqing Municipal Postal Office, Datong Street Branch. Other remaining parts are used by Equipment Experimental Battalion of No.51 Research Institute of the PLA General Staff Department. This bank building was built in 1934, with complete main body and little damage. The interior needs a number time of decoration but has not large change.