Landscape Design, A2 phase, Xiangxi Meilin (Development Project)

     This residential area located between sha pingba and Beibei district, close to Caijia urban cluster, you can arrive at each district within 20 minutes through Yuhe highway.

    The second phase of Xiangxi Meilin, sited in the eastern direction of plot under master planning, with a huge elevation difference between higher east area and lower west area, the sharpest vertical elevation difference could rank around 11m. A natural stream go through this site from western side, depended on excellent landscape strength in Mawang stream, we are capable to form waterfront landscape belt in concentration and create natural landscape full of warm, peaceful rural view.

   The cluster shape is formed within indoor master building layout, the terraced and irregular arrangement therefore cause an unique landscape characteristic—slope protection in different level and Cut slope in eastern side.

   In respect of design style, we refine the project in second phase by modern, simple and natural method, so as to deliver a style on expressing nature, cultural beauty, moreover, highlight some properties included simple, pure, delicate and smooth.

   By taking account the factor of landscape into overall residential circumstance, we are able to organize planning and layout in overall picture, in such a case, one landscape around residential area could be completed endowed with characteristics like safety, silence and tranquility. Finally, the ultimate standards, including sense of homeland, garden and belongingness, could be successfully achieved. 

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