Planning Design, Eco-Corridor, Long jiling, Yunyang City

Project Profile and Design Character:

      By taking advantages of a good deal of historic sites,  cultural tourism resources well as natural landscape resources in Shilong city, we set the design mainstream on securing relics unearthed during Song and Yuan dynasty, confirm the natural leisure as sub-mainstream.

     Based on fluent tour sightseeing system, we furthermore divide and organize scenic spots via culture contents, also readjust layout structure in rationality. In such a case, an excellent tourism spot could be accomplished with complete support service facilities, abundant scenic spots, flourishing vegetation and wonderful activities. Apart from these, for satisfying all demands from travelers and local tourists, we therefore integrate some factors, such as sightseeing, tourism, leisure and entertainment, into this particular site. At the same time, protecting and ensuring the open spaces of park could help this city exerting its eco-function—Green Lung. 

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