Landscape Design, Step Scaling Ladder, Banan District, Chongqing City

     Project Information:  This site located down the Yunzhuan mountain. It seems that  southern area is higher a little bit than northern area. Mountain ridge serving as a boundary in eastern area while the western part belonged with a natural mountain body with a very steep slope, besides, Yunshan road went through in between. Step Scaling Ladder bounded on regional people square by north; bounded on Yunzhuan mountain by south.

      While the elevation difference within design scope is as much as 176m, the length between both southern and northern side achieved 885m.

     Design Principle: Combined three criteria on modern landscape design sector with modern theory consists of multi-disciplines to guide contemporary urban landscape design, we completely taken advantage of topography to deal with landscape view in different slopping site, finally, landscape picture on both mountain and water sector could be formed in perception and action. 

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