Landscape Design, Kunshang-jinsha Bay, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province.

This project located in Zhaotong city, land area is around 40,000 square meters.
Architectural Style—New Classicalism:
     Architectural style with new classicalism, it not only form the elegant image in building elevation, but also extract essence from spatial organization so as to deliver sense of hierarchy and variety in     architectural communal space, and break the traditional barrack monotonous   layout. In accordance with the coexistence between landscape and architecture, we integrated some factors like new classicalism elements, integration and harmony into landscape space
Landscape Theory—Natural Flow, Return of Life:
     It is kind of spirit, respect people’s quality life, original topography connection and reinvigoration of nature.
     It is kind of attitude, be yourself, pick up old day’s dreams as well as return to the most ordinary life.