Landscape Scheme Design, Baiyin River, Economic and Technical Development Zone,

     Baiyin river located in the center location of economic and technical development zone, Yantai city, is belonged with the rain source seasonal river, starting from upstream mountainous land, the river go through development zone, finally enter into the Yellow Sea. Design coverage is as long as 5.3 square kilometers with an overall area as much as 79 hectares.
Landscape Strategy:
•Ecological Strategy:
    Via ecological design involved in mooring point, water course and waterfront interface, finally restore the eco-function of Baiyin river.
•Human Strategy:
   Depended on a good deal of design methods relevant to service facility, waterfront space nodes, we are capable to improve the security level around waterfront leisure and hydrophilic, even inspire the site vibrancy.
•Network Systematic Strategy:
   Connecting site nodes towards waterfront road system in vertical and horizontal direction, by this way, restructure network of waterfront leisure experience and enhance urban function.  

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