Landscape Scheme Design, Wulan Lake Park, Wulan Town, Etuoke Qi, Inner Mongolia

Compilation Time: 2011
Awarded Status: Second Prize, Landscape Category, the Second Competition of Chongqing Landscape Garden Planning

    Wulan lake located in the southeast direction of Wulan town, Etuoke Qi. Governmental office building of Etuoke Qi is built within Wulan town, Planning area is nearly 25 hectares and severing as key window to show the urban image of Etuoke Qi. By forming ecological marshland in grassland to construct natural ecological system endowed with the factor—landscape diversity. We created a variety of activities to help residents to acquire healthy life style and enrich people’s lift contents, so as to motivate both local economic development and consumption style becoming diversification. Eventually, the major objectives will be focusing on a series of sectors, such as improvement of urban image, enhancement of urban location, delivery of project that residents could benefit from, as well as establishment of key ecological demonstration.

A lot of scientific analysis method is applied into this project:
•Systematic technical line relevant to marshland planning and design.
•Detailed ecological environmental analysis;
•Scientific calculation method for water quality and quantity.
•Reasonable water resource planning
•Natural planning and design for water system
•Economic method for ensuring the water quality and quantity
•Green environmental protection technique

Project Design Method:
•Synthetically consider the ecological environment within planning area.
•Set the environmentally friendly and water conservation as principle  

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