Design of Fulaishan Landscape Park of Yantai Eco & Tech Development Zone, Shandong Province

Date of preparation: 2010
Project scale: 600,000 m2

Planning and design conception
1. It is planned to build an ecological urban comprehensive park with the theme to exhibit 30 years of historical process of the development zone, praise the people’s entrepreneurial spirit of the development zone and inherit regional culture, and integrated with multi-function, diversity and commemorative.
2. Planning and design of the park are carried out by applying scientific theory to integrate ecological design, landscape design and engineering technology.
3. Planning and design of plants are carried out by applying ecological design thought to set up suitable plant cluster mode and ecological system.
4. It is planned to merge health and fitness, cultural entertainment, leisure tourism and events commemoration etc experience contents on the basis of ecological green space and landscape style.
5. It is planned to coordinate with the peripheral environment to establish urban landscape with park sightseeing passageway and peripheral green protective isolation belt to constitute a continuous and complete green ecological corridor and park appearance.
6. It is planned to deduct historical memory and mold landscape with modern technological means. The west side and south side of the base are land for industries. The northeast is close to commercial land, and the southwest and southeast are land for residence and administration.