Landscape Design of Anti-Japanese War and Art Park of Ciqikou, Shapingba, Chongqing

Date of preparation: 2014
Project scale: 104,518 m2

Design objective:
It is to reproduce the grand occasion when the masters of art gathered in Fenghuang Mountain during Anti-Japanese War, to establish new landmark in the city and provide a place for relaxation, education, shopping and sports to the residents.

Design principle:
1. To integrate landscape with function;
2. To retain local culture and emphasize local features of human landscape and natural landscape;
3. Ecology first;
4. To use innovative arts to express historical culture.

Design concepts:
It is to give a new modern interpretation of the arts during Anti-Japanese War by taking Chongqing culture and Anti-Japanese War culture as background and art and innovation as design concept, and take the relationship between park and surrounding environment into account in design, combine park function, structure, layout and landscape features with architecture design to form a comprehensive artistic landscape and architectural complex.