Huangbodu Water Park in Wulong, Chongqing

Date of preparation: 2014
Project scale: 65,000 m2

Huangbodu Water Park is situated in the natural river. Designing a water park filled with vitality in a natural river is for the designer a unique opportunity. Wulong has been a tourist destination due to its natural beautiful landscape. Therefore, for this design, our task is not only to design a park but also is the more important to add tourist value of the part. We hope to create beautiful experience for tourists and keep permanent memory.

Situated on the river, the water park derived its form from the surrounding natural character, the curvaceous river edge walkways and structures got its inspiration from the way water flows around rocks to form eddies and spirals.

The functions of the site also follow a spiral form to easily connect the visitors to all the activities and facilities in the park. The main focus attraction is the white water rafting, but additionally the park offers water slides, water fun parks, wave pools, hot springs and spas. Our intention was to offer alternative activities to allow day and night attractions while also including a shopping, food and bar street for a relaxation alternative.